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About Frédérique


I have worked for years as a cook and head of kitchen, in different companies and types of kitchens.

Because I have been a vegetarian all my life and grew up in a time when it was quite special, I have always been looking for places where you could eat delicious vegetarian food. With this meal service I hope to fill a gap in the range of healthy fresh vegetarian meals.

I closely follow the development of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and I am very happy that many people are now opting for more conscious food.

I mix this conscious food with the delicious flavors from various countries and continents. The rich curries and Indian vegetable dishes are my favorite!

By offering a meal service with a personal touch, I have a lot of contact with my customers, and I also use their feedback.

I always cook very carefully, taking into account enough variety and building materials in a meal and of course a high quality of the ingredients. Furthermore, I never add color or fragrances, and I use as little salt as possible.

We deliver the meal personally, have a chat if someone wants, and would like to hear directly what any wishes are.

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